Let me support your Raw or Whole Foods Transition and Say "Welcome" to your new Self!

Never feel bad about your body or your choices, ever again...


I teach and coach Raw/Whole Foods implementation 
and inspire health and wellness seekers to achieve their goals!

Raw For All...

My services are for ALL, not just the raw-fooders or the vegans. Let me introduce you to the amazing world of raw-foodism, without strict rules and deprivation. Better health choices need a system, not rules from day 1!

Meal Plan... or not Plan?

I say it all the time... I am not a dietitian and not intend to be! So, do you hate dietary plans? So am I. I will guide you into your everyday eating habits without giving you one single piece of menu. So simple!

No Groups...Just you and me!

Do you have doubts? Questions? Dilemmas? Find answers tailored to your needs and not everybody's in a group. And find them NOW, not after months of research...


​Customer stories

Vassia SarriBook Writing Coach - www.succeedyourgoals.com

What I mostly like with Natassa’s approach is that she is not dogmatic: I am not a vegan, and don’t want to be, but I appreciate the health benefits of the vegan detoxification, so, her advice was adjusted to my own style and way of life. She knows what is good and what is not, what combinations are ideal for good health, how to be practical and she is a wonderful person that you can open your heart to, you can express yourself, and you can feel understood.

Fotini Bosinaki • Retiree

I am very athletic and active as a person. I was spending time searching for better health choices but I felt so overwhelmed by all those different opinions. Lucky for me, I met her. Natassa is so supportive and knowledgeable! She was able to ease my frustrations and learn me how to eat simpler and better.

Liz ReynoldsReal Estate AgentNational Realty Guild

My former job was being a cook in public schools. I met Natassa when searching for alternative cuisines. One thing is for sure. She knows how to teach the raw cuisine and she walks her talks. She has a lot of experience and she knows how to explain every single detail.

Eating better can improve every aspect of your life...

Invest in what's real. Clean as you go. Make it fun. It doesn't have to be complicated.                         Simplify your meals, eat real, think less, make better choices...